Shopping Online

Can I tour your facility

Of course! Contact the office for the best time to tour – we’d love to host you.

Am I able to get payment terms?

If you are a first-time customer for Nedplant, your account rep will provide you with a credit application or alternatively email us and we will email you a credit application.
Typically, first-time customers pay by C.O.D. or E.F.T. before delivery.

Am I able to get C.O.D. discount?

If your order is over the value of R1500 you may take 2.5% C.O.D. discount.

What is your minimum order value?

For deliveries within 100km the minimum order is R500 excluding VAT and delivery charge.
For deliveries over 100km, the minimum order is R1000 excluding VAT and delivery charge.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Please click the ‘delivery’ link on the bottom of the website for more information or alternatively contact the office.

When can I collect my order?

Orders for collection may be ready for collection within 1hour of the order received.

What time do you open and close for business?

July to April we open from 7am till 5pm.
May to June we open from 8am till 5pm.
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

How can I receive a current plant availability?

To have a weekly list sent to you with pricing, please email or call our office at 014-576-1145.
You can also log into your account on the website where you will find the availability of each plant indicated by the green, orange or red dots.
Nedplant is wholesale only, which means we do not sell directly to the public. We sell our products to distributors, wholesalers, landscapers, plant brokers, retailers and garden centres around the country.