Our Story

Specialists in houseplants, shrubs and groundcovers

NedPlant Nursery was founded in 2002 by Hugo Proper Sr. He began his career in 1980 at his father's business, Florex Indoor Plant Services, where he gained twenty-two years of experience in the green industry.

In the beginning, NedPlant focused on growing houseplants and seasonal plants. It consisted of greenhouses located in Hekpoort, Gauteng. Later on, Hugo became aware of a gap in the market for popular groundcovers and shrubs used in the landscaping industry. He developed a growing area under shade netting in Hekpoort and on a farm in Bokfontein, North West, to help fulfil the demand.

In 2009, Edwin Proper, Hugo's son, joined the company and is now the President and Vice President of Marketing. His engineering background helped to implement effective systems in the operation of the business. He also introduced innovative technology to the company’s sales and marketing.

In 2012, Hugo Proper Jr. joined the company as the Production Manager. His horticultural knowledge has improved the quality of plants by implementing new irrigation systems and updating growing processes.